David Endyliskaminataka is a somewhat normal teenager growing up in the early 21st century. He's 13 years old, and isn't that bright. As I said, he's somewhat normal. His life changed about four years ago when John Zorshiano appeared in a spaceship behind him. They've been best friends since. In fact, David pretty much has no other friends. He's too big of a nerd to get any more, or even a girlfriend for that matter. He enjoys playing "Dungeons and Dragons" and watching "Star Trek".

John Zorshiano is a highly intelligent being from the planet Zorsha, which his uncle discovered. As a part of their schooling, all Zorshians must write an extensive report on a planet, in order to graduate. John was the last person to be assigned a planet, and he was given the choice of either Jupiter or Earth. He chose Earth because of the life, and found David. Now, he's best friends with David and is staying with him. Being an inventor, he has built a huge laboratory in David's basement, and is credited to inventing a time and space traveling rocket, a cloning potion, a laser knife and more.

Mr. and Mrs. Endyliskaminataka are David's parents. Not much has been established, or conceived, for that matter, about them. Their faces are never shown, and their first names are never revealed. And they're going to stay that way. All that is known at this point is that Mr. Endy is lazy, and Mrs. Endy is a horrible cook. That's it. I swear it!
RoboJohn is John's robotic creation from about two years ago. He created RoboJohn for unclear reasons, probably to serve him. (Well, yeah) Unfortunately, RoboJohn turned on him and burned his lab. David and John immediately counterstriked, only to find that he is impervious to all weapons. RoboJohn then decided to drain the energy from John's lab, and in turn overloaded. John recently rebuilt him, forgetting all about his evilness. RoboJohn quickly became engrossed in David's "Crapps" Beer craze, and became an alcoholic. He is now spending his time in rehab, trying to treat his drinking problem.

Coming Soon: The Bit Players, which will include Albert Krochrot. Plus, more characters as they're introduced. (Obviously)

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